Aggression Replacement Training (ART)

Aggression Replacement Training also known as ART, focuses on an adolescent group setting ages 12-18. The purpose of the group is to recognize how the mind and body contributes to behaviors. The group with build positive youth cultures through peer help. ART focuses on Anger Management, Moral Reasoning and designed interventions intune to the environment of adolescents.

The ART group will focus on psychoeducational courses designed to teach prosocial competencies to adolescents and younger children who struggle with various aspects of social and emotional behavior. The curriculum is based on Aggression, Stress and Prejudice Reduction.

Anger Control Training is designed to serve two related purposes: to help reduce the frequency of anger arousal in overtly aggressive youth and to provide such youth with the means to learn self-control when their anger is aroused.

To enroll, contact CACS, Heather Tjaden at 605-225-5811.