Today is Capital Area Counseling Day Celebrating 50 years!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Governor Dennis Daugaard signed an Executive Proclamation declaring Tuesday, July 3, 2018 as Capital Area Counseling Day. The proclamation states:

Whereas, The founding CACS Board of BO Lindbloom, MD, Chairman; Barbara Spears, MD; Rev. Edwin Bersagel; Richard A. Duncan; William Berguin; Walter Flannery; Betty Larson, RN; and Sister Mary Lambert completed all requirements for incorporation on July 3, 1968; and,

Whereas, Due to an increase in mental health staff and the addition of alcohol and drug treatment services,the Board of Directors purchased an old rooming house at 214 E. Pleasant in May I97 5; and,

Whereas, In March of 1977 the first Partial Care Therapist was hired, and Partial Care gave chronically mentally ill adults of the area expanded treatment and support services; and,

Whereas, In 1994 CACS created the Children's Services program, which included home-based services and a new residential service called Therapeutic Foster Care; and,

Whereas, CACS began operating the Central SD Teen Court in 2002 and the Boys & Girls Club of the Capital Area in 2009; and,

Whereas, Capital Area Counseling Service has continuously provided mental health, addiction and other vital human services for the past 50 years and is dedicated to meeting the emotional needs of central South Dakotans for generations to come.

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