Partnership formed During Bullying Prevention Month

Monday, October 31, 2016
Three local organizations have joined together to more comprehensively address bullying in our community. October has been Bullying Prevention Month with the theme of “Protect a Child—Stop Bullying When You See It”. Information about bullying was provided to the community through a feature article in the Capital Journal, public service announcements and local leaders discussed this important topic on live radio shows.

In addition to the recent public awareness campaign to prevent bullying, Pierre Public Schools, the Pierre Police Department and Capital Area Counseling have formed a partnership to reduce bullying and the serious long-term emotional impact it has on our youth.

Dr. Kelly Glodt states, ”Within our school district, a wide range of programs, preK-12, are implemented with the intent to bring awareness and help youth be “up-standers” versus “by-standers”, to be respectful of others, and appreciate others unique characteristics and abilities. Those include Counselors in the classrooms each month with special curriculum, specific programs and awareness events, Guest speakers, Health classroom curriculums all provide opportunities for staff to engage in conversations with students on respect and tolerance helping create a culture and environment that our community’s children can feel safe in”.

Chief Panzer commented, “Unfortunately, law enforcement see the negative impact that bullying can create. The community needs to know that our officers are valuable resources when it comes to addressing bullying. We have a strong commitment to partner with the community to do what we can to prevent this type of activity from impacting our youth.

Dennis Pfrimmer adds, “Bullying can happen any place kids gather—at the mall, at the river, and of course at school. The long-term negative impact of bullying on youth can be devastating. Capital Area Counseling is concerned about kids that are being bullied and the perpetrators, too. Our Clinicians will continue to counsel young people who are involved in bullying.”

The group plans to continue meeting to look at avenues to work closely together in addressing bullying in our community. See more information at

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