CACS: Winner of the 2018 Bush Prize for Community Innovation

Monday, December 17, 2018
CACS is a 2018 recipient Bush Prize for Community Innovation. Each year the Bush Foundation celebrates organizations that are extraordinary in not only what they do, but how they do it. The Bush Foundation President, Jennifer Ford Reedy, said "the 2018 winners drive breakthrough solutions for our region. They demonstrate an amazing ability to tackle whatever complex issue comes their way by engaging their communities to identify and solve problems.."

"We are very pleased and humbled to have received this honor from the Bush Foundation. It is affirmation for the work of many people at CACS--both staff and Board", says Dennis Pfrimmer, CACS President & CEO. The CACS Board Vice Chairman, Ted Parsons stated, when our community lost the crisis center, leaders struggled with how to provide the needed support and at the right time to those in crisis. The Pierre / Fort Pierre Mental Health Task Force, which is a collaboration of Avera, CACS, local police and sheriff departments, schools, State's Attorney offices and local ministerium came together to find a solution, and that solution was the Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCR) now operated by CACS. The Hughes and Stanley County Commissioners agreed to fund the project and have been a vital support. The MCR clinicians go into the homes of people are experiencing a mental health crisis and defuse the situation and provide supportive services in their homes. The MCR team was established in April of 2016 and since then, 80% of the MCR cases are able to stay in their homes with a support plan versus being committed to a mental health hospital."

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