Mary Turner Spotlight

Occupation/Profession: Legislative Secretary for Committee on House Appropriations

Employer: Legislative Research Council

Family: Spouse: Randy   Children:  Arthur, Reid, and Frank.  Grandson: Garett   Dog:  Maggie

Interests / Hobbies:
Triathlons, (swimming, biking, running,) fishing, hiking, and training dogs.

Looking back on your life, who influenced you most and in what ways?:
My parents ….. they are loving and good role models.  They were not afraid to help others at times when nobody else would.  They have been a positive influence.

Year your CACS Board Member term began: 2014

What are your reasons for serving on the CACS Board of Directors: 
The number one reason is to be involved.  We have lived in Pierre for six years and felt a need to be more connected to the community. CACS deals with the community’s mental health needs. This is no small task.  People don’t want to acknowledge mental illness issues or substance abuse and CACS can provide these critical services. I believe every family has a loved one who needs help at some point in their life.  CACS has the ability to help.
I also believe in children.  CACS oversees the Capital Area Boys and Girls Club.  They give children a safe place to go and promote academic excellence.  The club has been growing since 2009 when CACS took over.

What are you most proud of that has been accomplished during your CACS term?:
Helping with the Boys and Girls Club and serving with a great group of board members.  It takes a lot of resources to keep the club running and they need more space.   I didn’t realize how important the club is for many families. It takes a village to keep the facility sound.

Describe your vision for CACS:
To provide quality mental health care in a centrally located facility that is fiscally sound and efficient, welcoming and helpful to all in need, a great place to work, and has strong community support.

What would you like others in the community to know about CACS:
CACS is a place to help those in need.  They provide foster care for many special children who have no other place to go. They also manage the Boys and Girls Club, provide housing assistance such as Betty’s Place, and provide mental health counseling, address substance abuse, and provide psychiatric care.  CACS has a big job and helps people along their journey when they stumble.  CACS helps kids to a bright future. It is a worthy organization and needs your support.