Lindsey Riter-Rapp Spotlight

Occupation/Profession: Attorney

Employer: Riter, Rogers, Wattier & Northrup, LLP

Family: Husband, Jonathan; Children, Guy (14), George (4) & Alice (2)

Interests / Hobbies: Anything and everything outdoors with my family, whether it be running, biking or walking on the Lewis & Clark Trail, boating on the Missouri River, or hiking, skiing or just enjoying the beauty of the spectacular Black Hills; traveling to new places.

Looking back on your life, who influenced you most and in what ways?: 
My parents. They taught me to work hard and to ensure you have a proper work/life balance, to be kind to others and to treat everyone with dignity and respect, and the importance of giving your time, talents and gifts to your community.

Year your CACS Board Member term began: 2011

What are your reasons for serving on the CACS Board of Directors:
I have a great deal of respect for the role that CACS plays in our community. There are so many people in our community that are experiencing pain, grief, addictions, mental health issues that need help and it is important that they have a reputable place to go with a dedicated staff. CACS is that place.

What are you most proud of that has been accomplished during your CACS term?:
The expansion of the number of children in our community that are served by the Boys and Gils Club and the programming that is offered there. Now, not only do the children in our community have a safe place to go but they also have a place where they are encouraged to work hard and excel in school and they are encouraged to expand their horizons with language arts and music as well.

Describe your vision for CACS: 
The expansion of services to rural and other outlying areas, continued progress at the Boys and Girls Club and working with the community to gain a better awareness of the complexities of the issues that many face, and importance of facilities like CACS in connecting those that suffer with the assistance that they need without any stigmas attached.

What would you like others in the community to know about CACS:
I have never met a more dedicated staff than those that work at CACS. They genuinely care for and want to help the people they serve in any and every way possible.