Julia Jones Spotlight

Occupation/Profession: Retired Pediatric Audiologist

Family: Husband, Scott Jones and adult son, Nathaniel Gough

Interests / Hobbies:
 Dogs (especially senior dogs), learning, and travel

Looking back on your life, who influenced you most and in what ways? 
My parents influenced me the most. I was a "bonus baby" meaning they were older when I came along. They took the time to explain to me that life was about looking beyond myself to the greater community. They modeled a life of simple kindness, compassion, and service and expected no less from my brother and me.
Year your CACS Board Member term began: July of 2016

What are your reasons for serving on the CACS Board of Directors: 
I serve on the Board of Directors because:
  1. I believe in the importance of good, local mental health services.
  2. I believe CACS has the ability to provide those services with compassion and integrity.
  3. I believe that Board service can help support CACS work and ensure that effective mental health services remain available to our community.
  4. And finally, I believe that placing a stigma on mental health issues is utterly ridiculous and arises out of ignorance. I hope by working on this board I can be of some use in educating about mental illness and dispelling the stigma, which only serves as a roadblock to the return to full vibrant health.
Describe your vision for CACS:
As I start this first term on the Board, my vision for CACS includes centralizing our personnel and their services under one roof. Right now they are scattered over several properties, requiring travel between properties not only for staff but also for clients. They've made it work, but we can do better.

What would you like others in the community to know about CACS:
I would like folks to know that CACS serves so many people in our community that if you haven't received a service, someone you know has. If it weren't for stigma, your friends would likely tell you they have an appointment at CACS just like they do when they have one at the medical clinic. The work CACS does is good, solid work, and they are worthy of our support.