Frequently Asked Questions

Is your new building just office space?
No. The new facility will house all our treatment and administrative services.

Can your revenues pay for a mortgage?
No. CACS operates on gross margin of 5% or less. There is not enough revenue to make a monthly mortgage payment on a facility this size.

Will the Board Members and employees be making contributions?

Yes. All Board Members and employees have made a gift or pledge.

Will this new facility have a Crisis Room?
There will be enough space for a Crisis Room. Our Board will consider this possibility, if funding for the on-going expenses becomes available.

Can you afford to maintain a new building this large?
Yes. The annual occupancy costs in our current buildings total $104,215. Utilities in the new facility will be about $40,000 annually plus the other occupancy costs.

There are several capital campaigns going at once. Will you make your goal?
We believe we will. All the campaigns will bring needed improvements to our community. With high suicide and chemical dependency rates in Central South Dakota, our campaign and our passion is to improve and expand vital mental health and addiction treatment services.

Is Capital Area Counseling financially stable?

Yes. We are debt-free and pay our regular bills on-time each month. Our annual budget is $5,022,000.

What are the Capital Area Counseling revenue sources?
In FY16, 58% of our funding ($2,797,391) came from providing mental health services; 23% ($1,138,042) came from Therapeutic Foster Care services, 10% ($463,692) came from addiction services; and 9% from donations and contracts primarily to fund the Boys & Girls Club and Teen Court.

Does Capital Area Counseling evaluate and treat Dementia and Alzheimer’s?
Yes, we do evaluate and treat patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s (the most common cause of dementia); and refer them to other services they need to cope with the illness. We use the best medications available. We also provide support for the spouses and other caregivers.

Are services at Capital Area Counseling effective?
Yes. Our Service Excellence Team and the state track outcome data on our services and uses that information to continuously make improvements.

Will clients be living in this facility?
No. We serve about 2,000 people a year. Our clients live throughout the community and throughout central South Dakota. They drive or take River Cities Transit to their appointments at CACS.

What are your hours of operation?
Generally, our hours are 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Mondays through Fridays.