Gary Ray Spotlight

Occupation/Profession: Insurance Agent

Employer: Self Employed at Farmers Union Insurance Agency

Family: Wife Annette, Children Angela, Robert, and Mark

Interests / Hobbies:
Fishing, Pheasant Hunting, Twins Baseball, and Rock & Roll Music

Looking back on your life, who influenced you most and in what ways?:
My Parents. They encouraged me to believe in myself and to respect others. I was taught to never shy away from a challenge and to always put forth my best effort.

Year your CACS Board Member term began: 2016

What are your reasons for serving on the CACS Board of Directors: 
I accepted the invitation to serve on the CACS Board as a way to share my experience, strength, and hope for the future for those in need of these highly specialized services. I am forever grateful for the counselors who many years ago helped me begin my own recovery from drug addiction and feel this is an excellent opportunity to give something back.

Describe your vision for CACS:
To help improve the overall lives of the residents within our communities by offering professional specialized services for those needing them.

What would you like others in the community to know about CACS:
Counseling services are just a fraction of what goes on here. CACS affiliation with the many important programs that positively impact “at risk” youth living in Central South Dakota is another very important role this organization fulfills.

803 E. Dakota Ave., Pierre, SD 57501
Phone: 605-224-5811
Serving Buffalo, Haakon, Hughes, Hyde, Jones, Lyman, Potter, Stanley and Sully Counties

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